Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry Based Learning

“I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive” – Albert Einstein.
We believe that an inquisitive mind is the foundation of a successful life. Inquiry implies that students will get involved and ask questions which leads to better understanding of things. Our goal here at Baba is to guide our students to find answers to questions, and encourage them to ask even more questions while doing so.

Some of the benefits that Inquiry based learning has on students are:

  • Leads to develop motivation
  • Developes collaboration with people
  • Helps develop information literacy
  • Helps develop critical thinking skills
  • Results in better long term retention of information
  • Helps develop deeper understanding of different subjects

Baba Boarding High School

” My child is enjoying her new school and is happy with her teachers. Little things in life matter and she has started taking care of those little things. She has become more confident and has started taking decisions on her own. ”

Name1st grade Parent , Elementary school