Students duped by consultancy, stranded in Mauritius

Biratnagar: Half a dozen students from Biratnagar who went to Mauritius for further studies have been duped as the college in which were enrolled does not offer the course they were promised by a local consultancy.

With the help and counseling from NIEC consultancy´s branch office at Traffic Chowk in Biratnagar, Narayan Gautam and Rajiv Pandey from Biratnagar-11, had gone to Mauritius to join International Business School (IBS) to study food production course.

Both the students, who had gone to study level two and level four of the food production course, realized that they were cheated by the consultancy after they went to the college on May 27.

Earlier, four students from Biratnagar sent to the Mauritius by the same consultancy had to return home after they faced a similar problem.
Narayan and Rajiv had paid 1.9 million rupees each to the consultancy for the course in Mauritius.

Police have arrested Rojan Phuyal, the manager of NIEC consultancy, after the victims´ families lodged a case against him. According to Rajiv´s uncle, Nirmal Pandey, they were also planning to move the court against IBS in Mauritius itself.

Narayan and Rajiv also informed over the phone that 4 more students were facing the same problem in the college. “We have been cheated. We want our money back and safe return,” Nirmal demanded.

On receiving the news about their sons´ plight in Mauritius, the irate guardians picketed the consultancy office on Monday.Phuyal, however, denies that he sent the students for the food production course.
Meanwhile, the police in Morang have launched an investigation into the case.

“We have arrested the manager of the education consultancy after receiving the information that the students gone to Mauritius for study with help of the consultancy has been duped,” said Morang police spokesperson, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Dipak Pokharel.
Rather, he adds, he had sent them for the Travel and tourism course.

“I have not sent them to study food production course. How could I do it as the course is not offered by the college,” said Phuyal.He also claimed to have paid US 7,000 dollars to the college for the each student for the course and admission.

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