Computer education is highly emphasized with the latest trends and technologies in our school. Our school has been providing a quality computer education since its foundation days to all the students through two computer labs(senior and junior) with more than 30 sophisticated computer sets. All the students easily carry out their practical classes with one to one ratio of computer set in the presence of practical teachers in both the labs.

The Senior lab has complete multimedia facilitated sets with complete networking and Internet access where generally students from Grade VI to X carry their daily practical classes assigned by their theory teachers.

Junior lab has branded Dell Computers with the genuine Microsoft software and Internet access. It has Windows Multipoint Server 2011 as an operating system and Office package 2010 and both are genuine software. The system in school is known as School In A Box which is a collaboration project of Microsoft, Dell computers and Ncomputing device. This system is itself a very new computer system in Nepal and Baba has introduced it for the first time in Nepal. This system is simple, cost-effective way for more students and teachers to gain access to the latest technology, improving learning and helping students prepare to compete in a global economy. With Windows MultiPoint Server, a single computer supports multiple users at the same time, each working independently using their own monitor, keyboard and mouse and with a familiar Windows computing experience.

Our school has provided all the students their own user name and password to have an access to the latest technology. The students have their own user name and password to log into their own computers where they can maintain their privacy of resources while any unauthorized accessibility of resources is prohibited. Furthermore None of the students can access others resources without authentication.

In the Multipoint Server all the activities of the students while in practical, are closely observed by the teacher in main host computer. The misdeed or malpractice or any wrong doings of the students are monitored and instantly those students can be blocked or sustained and their applications are closed by the administrator. The students can see the demonstration of their practical, projection of subject matter carried by the teacher in their own computer set so that learning is fun, scientific and systematic. Enthusiasm of students are overwhelming in learning computer. This system is equally useful for research work, quiz progrm, practical and online examinations, presentation, demonstration, projection for all the subjects equally.

Furthermore school has taken a sincere step ahead for power saving, reducing waste materials and developing a green zone environment having School In A Box here.