Yuganta Boarding charges a flat fee that is established at the beginning of the year. Fees are payable for 12 months. Additional bills (Hostel Students) may be incurred on when the students demand for some excess things for day to day use. Reports cards will not be issued at the end of the year if bills have not been cleared. The annual fee increase is reasonable, and the school tries to keep it to a minimum. However, often market forces influence the increase of fees. Parents are requested to come personally to pay the fees in the Account Section, rather than sending it through their child.

Terms and Conditions:

    1. a. The payment should be made within 5th of next month according to Nepali Calendar. Failure to make payment within the stipulated period will lead to fine 5 % on remaining balance.


    1. b. The sum of total payment for one year in advance will entertain 10% discount on the total amount. (Jestha to Chaitra only). This offer is validated strictly till Baisakh 30th.


    1. c. All services are of a full session and it will not be terminated before the end of the session.


    1. d. Boarder students will be charged for 12 months for any service and facilities.


    e. Day Boarder students from grade 1-10 (Tuition & Fooding) will be charged for 11months only.