Why Choose Us

We put your child first.

When you give us the responsibility of educating your child, we take it seriously. At Yuganta School, every child’s safety, development, and happiness is our utmost priority.

We advocate, encourage, practice non-violence.

As an institution, we preach and practice non-violence. We stand against bullying and harassment, disencourage any…

We prepare your child for the world.

We always think bigger and better for your child. S/he is groomed to stand out in an ever-changing global society.

We encourage children to break the mold.

At Yuganta School, we don’t believe in producing cardboard cutouts. Every child is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Extra Curricular Activities



Special Programs

Extra Curricular Activities

Visual Art

Music & Dance

Outreach Activities

Our Approach to Education

Our approach to education plays a huge role in how a student receives education. At Yuganta our teaching pedagogy is highly dependent on a clear communication line between the student and the teacher.

Inquiry Based Learning

We encourage children to hone their inquisitive mind. Unlike the traditional classroom approach where the teacher does the teaching and the children are mere bored and unengaged listeners, the inquiry-based learning…

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) is a teaching method that enables students to learn through active participation in real-world challenges or tasks. Children are assigned a project or are encouraged to pick…

Child Centered Learning

Your child is always the first priority at Yuganta. By embracing the child-centered learning approach, we place the child at the notional center of the learning process where they are active participants and…




Dedication & Determination

A school with a reputation o state of art facilities in Nepal. Our learning facilities provide the best your child deserves through ecouragement, interaction and engagement.

Specialized Education

Our students develop an understanding of important concepts, acquire essential skills and knowledge, and learn to take social responsible action through our transdisciplinary themes.

Building Self-Esteem

Students at Yuganta experience the success that is essential in building self-esteem.

Education Beyond the Boundaries

We create conditons to transcend the conventional subject’s boundaries.

Active Learning

We provide an envronment that encourages active learning through methods that stimulates the students.

Involved in Diverse Interests

Getting involved in extra curricular activities at out school allows stdents to get involved in diverse interests. The activities allow them to explore various interests.