Message from the Director

Director - Baba Boarding High SchoolDear Readers,
I take great pride in acknowledging that my team has successfully completed the academic session of 2074 BS. The past couple of years has been an exhilarating experience for us as we have had some fantastic achievements and built a great working environment in our school. I, with absolute humility, along with my entire team, would like to thank our teachers, students and their parents for their tireless and unprecedented support. Unquestionably today, our goals and priorities are very clear to us. It is because of this fact that we have aligned our program strategies to accommodate to these current needs. We mean it when we say that we create value innovation in our services to parents through educating our students.

In stark contrast to the conventional way of educating, our process of teaching is centered not just on the students but also towards the teachers and the parents. Here, everyone receives an equal opportunity to better themselves. We believe in establishing an effective pedagogy where learning is fragmented into its simplest form and takes each one of its parts into consideration (Auditory, Visual, Reading, Writing, Kinesthetic, etc). Each one of our classrooms are enriched with the latest teaching equipments and its teachers are trained in the art of fostering highly engaging discussions and problem solving techniques among the students. The teachers themselves are always involved in self learning and are encouraged to not only impart a fixed body of knowledge to their students. Our students are evaluated with precise analytical observation so as to properly understand their learning behaviors and interests. Doing this creates a socially and intellectually vibrant learning space that is both interactive and fun.

The primary objective of our team is geared towards satisfying parents who aspire towards providing their child/ children with the best opportunities available. We aim to accomplish this by providing value based and practical education in our school.

I say, without a doubt that technology in the not too distant future will play a vital role for not just working parents but for learning students as well. One need only to look at the trends of today to understand and acknowledge this fact. For this reason, we have invested on equipping our institution with the latest technologies available in the market. By doing this, we seek to forever transform the concept of classrooms as we know it. Based on experience, it has already helped our teachers overcome the limitations of a traditional classroom that was practically powered by lectures and writings on whiteboards by empowering them with digital animation tools and various visual based modules. This has been proven to be more effective in teaching abstract concepts that were very hard to teach in the past. The technology available at Baba school has allowed our students to explore the never ending well of knowledge from the very comfort of their classrooms.

Once again on behalf of the entire Baba team, I would like to thank all our parents and well-wishers from the bottom of my heart for believing and trusting us in educating your precious child in Baba School. I would also like to specially thank everyone who have helped sustain our strong pillars over the years in various departments. I could not have done this without you.

Thank you very much!

Arvind Pradhan

Baba Boarding High School

” My child is enjoying her new school and is happy with her teachers. Little things in life matter and she has started taking care of those little things. She has become more confident and has started taking decisions on her own. ”

Name1st grade Parent , Elementary school