At Yuganta School, nothing is more important to us than your child’s wellbeing.

While many consider exams as the standard to access a child’s knowledge and learning, we believe a child needs more than scores to understand their value. For us, it is rather important for children to be proud of their achievements; whether little or a lot. Our class exhibitions are a platform for students to proudly flaunt their annual work, learnings and also mistakes.

At the end of every academic year, we organize a 2-day inter-level Class Exhibition that revolves around your children’s achievements. The event covers a few select topics of academic subjects and our students prepare 2D and 3D models to demonstrate their learning on them. Always a highly anticipated event, these Class Exhibitions encapsulate the entire year’s energy — palpable and infectious. It is definitely one of the highlights of every academic year.


I am a parent of a Grade 10 student, Saksham Dhungana. He has been studying at Yuganta School since pre-primary. Two of my older daughters also studied at Yuganta and they enjoyed their time at school immensely. Hence, I decided to enroll Saksham at Yuganta too. I am happy with the school’s services and that it took full safety measures while taking classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have maintained the academic competencies of the students during this difficult period as well.

I would definitely recommend Yuganta school to any other parents who are searching for a good school for their children. Having said that, I would however encourage the school to also prioritize the students’ mental health during this unfortunate pandemic.

Parent of Saksham Dhungana

My son Aakash Thapa is a student at Yuganta School and I am very pleased that he has access to their wonderful education facility and their curriculum activities. The exposure has made Aakash very confident and has enabled him to think outside the box and push the envelope. I really do not have any complaints whatsoever, and would happily recommend the school to all my friends and family.

Rup Singh Thapa