At Yuganta School, nothing is more important to us than your child’s wellbeing.

Field trips can help students understand the bigger picture, showing them how what they learn in the classroom relates to real life and why it is important. At Yuganta, the academic curriculum every year is supported with immersive field trips that help them understand their coursework better, leaving an impression that lives on beyond just words on paper. The trips are lived experiences of hands-on learning, collaboration, and teamwork that the students will remember and draw inspiration from for a long time to come.


My child, Nitisha Nepal has been studying in Yuganta School since UKG. While we initially enrolled her in the school due to its close proximity to our residence, throughout the years I have found more reasons to continue her education at Yuganta. My daughter has access to up-to-the-minute facilities and the best elementary program. The teachers and staff are friendly and accommodating. I really hope that in near future Yuganta will introduce higher education (+2) as well so that my daughter can continue her education with them.

Niranjan Kumar Sharma

I am Rammani Dhital, a former student of Yuganta School. I am also a parent of a Grade 10 student at Yuganta School. Her name is Pranisha. As a result of Yuganta’s curriculum and academic culture, I have found her to be disciplined, hardworking, ambitious, responsible, and devoted towards her studies. I find Yuganta’s clear and shared vision of the school and its conducive learning environment very reassuring. That’s why I would definitely recommend Yuganta School to my family and friends.

Rammani Dhital