Teaching Pedagogy / Our Approach to Education

Teaching Pedagogy / Our Approach to Education

Our approach to education plays a huge role in how a student receives education. At BABA our teaching pedagogy is highly dependent on a clear communication line between the student and the teacher. We encourage students to do their own research outside of the classroom and to question the knowledge that is being provided. Coursework is complimented with practical knowledge and hands-on activities through excursions, exhibitions and field trips.

While we follow the syllabus assigned by the government closely to ensure the students meet the nationwide education standard, we ensure the children are not limited to just that. We believe that children today are not just competing with fellow students from within the country but on a global scale. Moreover, they are competing with themselves. To prepare them for the world stage, we introduce them to supplementary programs such as Character and Citizenship Education. Our pedagogy also involves embedding 21st century core competencies like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, media and technology literacy, etc in students that helps them be ready for a global platform.

Furthermore, our teaching method is heavily cross-curricular, helping children make connections between subjects and unifying the concepts to apply it in real life. Such integrated curriculum allows them to connect theoretical learning with practical, experiential learning, helping them understand the importance of the individual subjects and increasing their interest in the learning process. Our teachers are regularly well-trained to conduct this curriculum. Besides, what sets our teaching approach apart is our application of multiple pedagogical strategies. Instead of sticking to one teaching approach and hoping it would fit all, we mold our teaching style as per your child’s needs. Our teachers help your child to pursue and excel at their area of interest, empower them to hone their strengths and shine at their own pace. At Baba, the approach is to assist the students to discover their unique passion, develop critical thinking, creative judgement and self-awareness.

Baba Boarding High School

” My child is enjoying her new school and is happy with her teachers. Little things in life matter and she has started taking care of those little things. She has become more confident and has started taking decisions on her own. ”

Name1st grade Parent , Elementary school