Reading Together

We the students of grade 3 went to Mala home located at Chapali Height. The institution provides home for the children whose parents are in prison. The main reason of going there was to support the children of Mala Home whatever we could and make them feel happy. We collected money and bought story books. After reaching there a lady staff gave us information about the institution. We came to know that Mala Home is supported by Dream Nepal. And they are providing full care, shelter and education to the children of prisoners. They were living in a very good condition. The children were from the age of 4-16 and were studying in a nearby school. We spent good time with them. We played together and talked about each other’s hobbies and interest. I read a story book of Tom and Jerry to them. At first they were little shy but slowly we became friends. They also read the story book. After spending some time together, we gifted them some books. They were so happy and excited that as soon as they got the book they started reading. I felt so good to see the smile on their face.

Garima Upreti, Grade: 3

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