Students are provided a more personalized support to cultivate their individual skills and area of interest.

Middle School is a unique stage for your child. During Grades 6 to 8, they are discovering and seeking for independence but are also needing support. In Yuganta Middle School Program, we meet these requirements through an immersive education system that doesn’t only educate but encourages children to explore on their own.

Regular subjects are integrated with themes of global consequences, indoor education is supported by outdoor activities/trips to provide a framework that is designed to lead the children to not just academic but social success. Students are guided to apply and develop specific skills and learning concepts through specially designed activities that are organized in various grade levels. The classes are interactive, inclusive and participatory in nature. Students are provided a more personalized support to cultivate their individual skills and area of interest. The intention is to prepare the children for not only high school but also for the longer run.

The BSP curriculum is always undergoing progressive, critical review so as to ensure that it remains dynamic, comprehensive, and well suited to the needs of a rapidly changing – global society and the child that’s growing in it.


Anugya Pokharel, my daughter, studies in Grade 9 of Yuganta School. She is a very smart child and is an active participant in every school activity. I always wanted her to be confident, and I believe that Yuganta’s approach to education and the overall growth of each student has had a big role in her growth. Besides this, I really like the school’s friendly management and caring attitude. The fact that are they are taking various virtual methods to continue education during this pandemic is commendable. The knowledge that Yuganta is doing all the thinking for my child’s education keeps me stress-free. My child isn’t just learning, she is falling in love with the very idea of learning.

Sudeep Pokharel

My two children, Akriti and Aditti Lama are enrolled in Yuganta School, in Grade 5 and 2 respectively. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the quality of education and facilities that Yuganta provides as they have exceeded my expectation. My children are outspoken and outgoing, well-spoken, and well-mannered thanks to the extra-curricular activities that they are engaged in at the school. They are well-spoken and well-mannered, and the credit goes to the institution. The knowledge that my daughters are well taken care of at Yuganta puts me at ease regarding their future. I highly recommend the school to my friends and relatives. I do request that the management speed up their initiation to introduce language classes.

Anil Lama