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BABA BOARDING HIGH SCHOOL is a co-educational English medium school that was founded in 1980A.D by our late principal Mr. T.B. Pradhan with the intention of promoting the all round development of its students within a pleasant and balanced educational environment through various innovative teaching methods. It is a permanently registered institution under the Ministry of Education of the Nepal Government.

Baba Boarding School was envisioned as a school that teaches children to be global citizens while still retaining their Nepali roots and values. The school has always been in the forefront of modern teaching methodologies and is well equipped with the latest educational aids and technologies. At Baba, we
believe in providing our students with knowledge based skills that help pave a path towards their unlimited possibilities and potentials.

The driving force behind the Baba School Program (BSP) is the philosophy about the components of international education, which promotes the development of students who recognize their common humanity, the shared guardianship of the planet and the importance of creating a better and more peaceful world while also establishing their personal sets of values in the process.

In BSP, the students are characterized according to their traits and attributes through an international perspective. This concept was developed to emphasise education that is based on individual values rather than just academic grades.

The school seeks to promote International education by supporting and implementing our teachers and students into an academic community that encourages them to be inquirers, thinkers and communicators. We also seek to motivate them to be more open minded, caring, empathetic and have a balanced state of mind.

In our curriculum, students are encouraged to engage in discussions that are very relevant in global significance and transcends the confines of traditional educational boundaries. In BSP, we seek to ensure that our students apply their theoretical learning into their practical lives, be appreciative about their past and optimistic about their future. To make sure that we achieve our goals, we have a vast infrastructure that is well equipped with the most technical tools and manpower to cater to the modern field of education.

Baba Boarding High School

” My child is enjoying her new school and is happy with her teachers. Little things in life matter and she has started taking care of those little things. She has become more confident and has started taking decisions on her own. ”

Name1st grade Parent , Elementary school