On 2075/07/10, our Grade 10 students went for their field trip to Ghalegaun, Bandipur and Pokhara as a part of their fieldwork education. This trip was mainly concentrated to learn about the primitive lifestyle and culture of Gurung community in Ghalegaun and Bhujung, socio-cultural development of Newar community in Bandipur and to understand the way of livelihood of people outside the Kathmandu valley. Our fieldtrips are not only for fun and enjoyment but also a unique learning experience outside the classroom environment which allows our students to become a curious learner by getting themselves engaged and involved in a practical way.

Baba Boarding High School

” My child is enjoying her new school and is happy with her teachers. Little things in life matter and she has started taking care of those little things. She has become more confident and has started taking decisions on her own. ”

Name1st grade Parent , Elementary school